Swastika’s Return (Powrót Swastyki)

1 Svasti                           “Ja, Swastyka…nie jestem niczemu winna, więc przestańcie mnie cenzurować i zakazywać!”


2 Svasti

                                           “Ja, Swastyka…żądam dla siebie równych praw do publicznego pojawiania się!”


3 Svasti“Ja, Swastyka…odzyskam swą należną pozycję, więc nie ma sensu mi się przeciwstawiać!”


4 Svasti

“Ja, Swastyka…będę mieć tym więcej zwolenników, im bardziej zadziera się ze mną teraz!”


5 Svasti

“Ja, Swastyka… zatriumfuję więc wcześniej niż się kto spodziewa i stanę się popularniejsza niż kiedykolwiek przedtem!” 


SwastikaThe Victorious“Więc ja, Swastyka, mówię wam, nienawistnicy: wasz opór jest całkowicie bezsensowny…”




  1. Juan

    I don’t understand this language but it’s obvious that the article’s about the swastika.

    Here’s what I know about the swastika…
    Firstly,it’s not a bent out crucifix.There’s no image of Jesus on the swastika
    2ndly,swastika is a sacred hindu symbol called svastika in sanskrit.

    Now anyone might ask why Hitler chose a sacred hindu symbol for his cult.Well the answer lies in the Rig Veda (hinduism’s most sacred texts).The Vedas are the only religious books that speaks of the Aryan race being superior to the dark skin Dasa/Dasyu (aboriginal people).
    The Vedas are the only religious books that speaks of a god with yellow hair & beard (blonde) that protects the fair-skinned.Here’s a sample from the Vedas

    Atharva Veda II:14:5. Whether ye belong to (the demons) of inherited disease, whether ye have been dispatched by men, or whether ye have originated from the Dasyus (demon-like aborigines), vanish from here, O ye Sadânvâs!
    Rig Veda X:96:8 At the swift draught the Soma-drinker waxed in might, the Iron One with yellow beard and yellow hair.
    Rg Veda III:34:9 He gained possession of the Sun and Horses, Indra obtained the Cow who feedeth many.Treasure of gold he won; he smote the *Dasyus, and gave protection to the Āryan colour.
    Rig Veda 1:9:3 O Lord of all men, fair of cheek, rejoice thee in the gladdening lauds,Present at these drink-offerings.
    Rig Veda 1:C:18 He, much invoked, hath slain Dasyus and Śimyus, after his wont,and laid them low with arrows.The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends won the land, the sunlight, and the waters.
    Rg Veda 1:CI:1. SING, with oblation, praise to him who maketh glad, who with jiśvan drove the *dusky brood away.Fain for help, him the strong whose right hand wields the bolt, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.

  2. monio

    This entry is simply about a prohibition of swastikas in our public life in many countries.
    Swastika is not only a Hindu symbol. It is one of the oldest symbols known. And it was a very popular in many countries and on differentt continents, mainly on the northern hemisphere. The term “swastika” indeed comes from Sanskrit, but the symbol itself has been known under different names in different languages, e.g. “Hakenkreuz” or “fylfot”.

    The Sanskrit name comes from “swasti” which simply means “happiness” and is even phonetically similar to the Russian “schastiye” which has an identical meaning.

  3. Juan

    Monio says:The term “swastika” indeed comes from Sanskrit, but the symbol itself has been known under different names in different languages, e.g. “Hakenkreuz” or “fylfot”.

    Yes,and Hitler chose the sanskrit name which is no coincidence since no other religious scriptures besides hinduism speaks of a superior Aryan race killing black skins.
    By now you know that Indra (the yellow hair god) is the most popular of the hindu deities in the Rig Veda because of his massacres of the dark skin Dasa tribes.
    Here’s some more verses from the Veda that strangely enough coincides with the Nazis racist views.
    Rg Veda 1:130:8 Indra in battles help his Āryan worshipper, he who hath hundred helps at hand in every fray, in frays that win the light of heaven.Plaguing the lawless he gave up to Manu’s seed the *dusky skin;Blazing, ’twere, he burns each covetous man away, he burns, the tyrannous away.
    Rg Veda 2:33:8 To him the strong, great, tawny, fair-complexioned, I utter forth a mighty hymn of praises.We serve the brilliant God with adorations, we glorify, the splendid name of Rudra.
    Rg Veda 9:41:1. ACTIVE and bright have they come forth, impetuous in speed like bulls,Driving the black skin far away.
    R Veda 9:73:5 O’er Sire and Mother they have roared in unison bright with the verse of praise, burning up riteless men,Blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the *swarthy skin which Indra hates.

    *swarthy = dark complexion
    *dusky = dark in color

  4. monio

    It is very doubtful whether Hitler was such an ardent reader of Hindu scriptures. For him it could have been enough to note the connection of the Aryans to that symbol, which existed for thousands of years in Europe just as well. Many people look to India for answers while in fact the history and tradition of that sign elsewhere was not any shorter. Many different nationalist groups in Europe (not only in Germany, because in Greece, Russia, Finland etc just as well) were using it long before Hitler was even born. And Hitler himself did not have any grudge against dark-skinned peoples, in fact in “Mein Kampf” he even suggested, that instead to look always for allies in Europe, the Germans would do better trying an alliance with the brown-skinned peoples. But as I said above: these images here are not about Hitler but about a silly prohibition of a symbol known to many races, including the North American Natives as well…

  5. Juan

    Monio says:It is very doubtful whether Hitler was such an ardent reader of Hindu scriptures.”

    You are forgetting a very important part of Hitler’s “spiritual life”.
    Hitler had a Hindu Guru for a spiritual advisor by the name of Savitri Devi who convinced him that he was an avatar of lord Vishnu.Hitler was also worshipped in India by some wealthy Kolkata Brahmins who strongly identified with his ideology.
    As Mein Kampf it’s not very reliable.It was written before Hitler came into power.In it he claimed to be an ardent Christian,fighting for God & country.I do not know how many fanatical Christians have a Hindu priest/ess as a spiritual advisor.Besides,none of his atrocities were compatible with Christ’s teachings.I can however find plenty of examples in the OT,Vedas & Manu’s laws that are compatible with Hitler’s discrimination & brutality

  6. monio

    No, Savitri Devi was NOT Hitler’s “spiritual advisor” and was not even meeting Hitler. She rather “worshipped” him. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3686/is_3_36/ai_n28887253/
    And she was not a Hindu “priestess” either, she was NOT a priestes AT ALL! This is only how she is sometimes called: “Hitler’s priestess”. It is as to call “Mein Kampf” a “Bible of National Socialism”. But “Mein Kampf” is not a “Bible”, is it?
    And one more thing: Hitler was not a FANATICAL Christian, he was receiving sacraments in the Catholic Church (Baptism, Eucharist and Chrismation) but in later years he rarely even went to church.
    By the way: as for brutality etc, I find the whole history of the so-called “Holy Inquisition” to be totally at “variance” (to say it mildly) with anything Christos was teaching.

  7. monio

    And by the way: why is “Mein Kampf” not reliable because it was written before A.H. came to power? To some people (including historians) it is ALLL THE MORE credible just because he wrote it before becoming a chancellor. There is not even one serious biography of A:H: which would not depend heavily on that book as well. I suppose that if it it was nor reliable, no historian would bother quoting from it at all…

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